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Monday, August 18, 2014

Why I believe I can become an Entrepreneur

When the word “Entrepreneurship” comes to my ears, the first thing that strikes my mind is a 3 letter acronym ‘PCD’. PCD stands for ‘Passion’; ‘Commitment’; and ‘Determination’. Entrepreneurship is not the state of an entity or a person; it is the manifestation of these three words in a person we term as “Entrepreneur”.  For me, the basic traits of a being an entrepreneur are driven by these three elementary qualities.
A ‘Passionate’ human being ‘Committed’ to reach his goal and ‘Determined’ to give his 100% should achieve his desired outcome. As a strong believer in this philosophy, I see these three a fundamental pillars for building an entrepreneurial venture.

For me, there has been an incessant fire somewhere inside, which is constantly telling me “Dude, what are you doing day in and day out..?? Does this MNC job excites you??...” And my answer is a Big No. This file keeps on telling me “Go and pursue your vision”.
“I believe I can become an entrepreneur because I carry the passion to chase my dream, I do my work with full commitment, and my determination to perfection brings out the best out my hands and intellect”.
A well paid job,  having great open culture, employee friendly policies, well engineered processes, employee benefits, focus on client satisfaction, team spirit, etc, etc… All these are few basic things a probable employee looks in the organization he is joining. I too got the same. But the major difference between me and most of my colleagues is that they enjoy all this and are feeling satisfied being in this environment. For me, it’s the learning and best practices I am adopting from these processes and practices which I intend to incorporate in my venture as an entrepreneur. I see these from a completely different angle. For me, it’s the free learning which I am getting by myself being at the receiving end as an employee; and wish to implement them for my employees by fine tuning the things wherever I feel necessary.
In some way or the other, I keep on understanding and relating these different processes, constraints, challenges and their mitigation measures for my prospective business. I take this as my learning curve and the action plan is soon to follow.
As an industry fresher, I wanted to get accustomed with the corporate world for sometime before stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur because of 2 main reasonsto get some industry experience as a professional and to save some money to invest in my venture.
“No matter how far you go in the corporate world, if you have the zeal, you can do it” – I profoundly support and carry this belief; and keeps on telling my near ones to be always passionate about whatever they want to pursue in life. Somewhere in my late teens, I saw a dream of building a conglomerate – a much exaggerated thought indeed, but not an impossible one. I still see this dream of building an empire and creating tremendous employment opportunities for my fellow Indians. This is not out of the greed for money; this is driven by my inclination towards my own creative self who want to do something big in life, who want to take his family’s name to high skies, who want to generate employment for poor, and last but not the least, who want to leverage his business genes inherited from my family.
Entrepreneurship is not only about doing Business. It is about making change happen. As someone has said “Change is the mother of all happenings”, If we try to bring change, we can make it happen. I am an ardent believer of bringing change to the monotonous things in life. A secured job is mostly monotonous. On the other hand, an entrepreneurial venture is full of happenings. Happenings in form of surprises, shocks, success, failure, loyalty, betrayal and of course money. I like the freshness and change, thus I like to get out of this monotonous job, thus I like to start something new, something of my own which gives me a sense of satisfaction.
Belief is not the only thing which can take you through. Hard work is imperative to achieve success. Some people say hard work is not enough; we should be able to work Smart. But my philosophy says – “Work Hard with a top-up of Smart thinking” – This will make all of your hard work Smart and increase your productivity. People say luck plays a vital part in one’s success. I would rather challenge those with my thought “Luck follows the Hard Work and Passion”. How can a person be lucky without putting any efforts?

‘Luck’ is the ultimate result of ‘Focused Efforts’ which are result of ‘Hard Work’ that comes from within the individual. Thus, it’s the internal zeal and determination of an individual which brings the change. I carry this zeal, this fire, the determination and the passion to pursue my dream of becoming an Entrepreneur.

“Happiness is a comb which nature gives you when you are bald”. If this is true, I am ready to get bald. I am an adventure loving person. I love to take risks. I love to experiment new things. My happiness lies in the result of implementation of my business idea.  And thus, I can say, I am ready to take on the entrepreneurship.

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