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Monday, September 12, 2011

Reservation in India - The biggest roadblock to success

Now that the crowds have gone home, Anna Hazare is back in Ralegan Siddhi, and the TV Rottweilers are looking for other ways to boost their rating points, we can have a rational debate about not just the Lok Pal but the larger issue of Reservation.
Indian Government's Reservation policy in Education to endorse certain Backward Classes was intended for the upliftment of these classes. Indubitably, this policy led to some of the largest reforms for which Indian Society was yearning of. According to my perception, this system is no longer harmonious for our society as now days, these backward classes are living at par with the other classes. Their living standards and financial assets have also improved. These were the main drivers for which reservation policy was advocated. And now, when the job is well done, the time has come for this policy to retire. But what is the need to divest this "Reservation in Education" functionality..??
To give equal opportunities to all.
"The word "Reservation" has backfired whole of the Indian Education system and gradually adopted the form of a disease for which India don't even think to consult a Doc."

 What is the need of reservation in name of backward classes when everybody is equally placed in society. Here comes the Strategic advantage behind this ignorance. The "P-factor" Politics - for which our MPS and MLA's strive to gain votes - be it by hook or crook - and thus introduces the flavour of Caste System. A dalit neta will propose the reservation for Dalits, Muslim for his Muslim bhaijaans, SC for SC, ST for ST, OBC for OBC, etc, etc. What the heck is going on..??? We are a community of butchers cutting an animal (our society) in small parts.
If you want to reserve some seats for underprivileged  -  The only criteria in this poor country should be the financial status of a candidate. be it a OBC, SC, ST, Brahmin, Dalit, whatever - should be an Indian. Otherwise , every now and then, a new community will be seen destroying the public property and adopting any non-violent means to publish their demand for reservations.
Existing reservation policy is guilty of bringing up a feeling of hatred, distress and unrest among the different sections of society which is the largest encumbrance in the way to development.

Need of  the hour is that decades long Reservation policy needs to be overhauled to put in comprehensive and much effective reservation policy only for poor.

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RK(Robin Kumar) said...

I am Truely in accordance with your thought proccess Mr. Jain but would like to share my view point as well. The word RESERVATION has now a days become as a matter of PRIDE and a sure shot gateway to GOVT JOBS, thus providing a license for corruption too. The most highly respectable jobs are owned by people from the lower society who has not seen an enough amount of money in their life. So, when they get such an opportunity they want to grab it with both the hands thus providing a friendly hand to CORRUPTION. Once upon a time the people from backward society are really backward and they deserve a special booster to bring them in par with the society. But now a days its a different ball game all together. They eat, wear far much better than the so called people who belong to GENERAL category. In my opinion RESERVATION system should be divested so that only deserving geets the JOB. Moreover, The movement led by Mr. Anna Hazare(Kisan Babu) got a mesmerizing welcome from all domains of society as everyone was fed up with corruption and they needed a CATALYST to take action on that and raised an nation wide ROAR aginst corruption. Everyone wants a JANLOKPAL BILL in place asap but there is a darker side to it too which only some people were able to visualize. We wanted a janlokpal committee to set up for all people held against corruption charges. But don't we agree by setting up that we are making up a new set of PEOPLE which will enhance corruption. Now the MP's n MLA's who always used to take bribe will bribe these people to close or mislead the case file against them which will aggrevate the problem to a very extent. So plz do GIVE A THOUGHT !!!!!!