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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Corruption is within....We have it in blood

I was never a supporter of Gandhi and his philosophies..I never admired Gandhian principles of Satyagraha…I was never his follower…In fact - I always criticized GANDHI. Buttt…This movement led by Anna Hazare restyled my mind, not completely but to a certain extent.
I’m not with Annaji, but render my full support to this cause..Salute to this Gandhian for alluring this noble cause..

Corruption—It’s a parasite in our Legal Machinery ; It’s a layer of rust on the high-end walls of government structure ; It’s a series of termites in the whole system ; It’s like a vestigial organ that needs to be eliminated ASAP….
Everybody is either a victim or a patron of this atrocious practice. We wish not to indulge in the practice of offering “HARI PATTI” below the table, which by the time has taken the shape of a non written protocol in almost every govt dept. The rate of progress of your work is directly proportional to the number of Gandhijis in your pocket. Recently, one of my friend fed 4100 rupees to get a work done in 2 days for which actual processing time is 15 days and fees is mere 100 rupees. – This is India--- Yaha par sab possible hai…Yaha sirf paisa bolta hai.
The art of bribery was introduces by Britishers and We Indians, are very good at copying and mastering anything coming from the west.
Kisan Baburao Hazare (aka Anna Hazare) enlightened the torch which shed a little light over the masses. His small bell was so strong that the ring was clearly audible in the acoustically designed halls of Parliament. He managed to spur one of the most unapproachable governments in the world into positive action. I was astonished by the outcome. The "Y" word-->>Youth-- was his prime supporting pillar..
Hope is the miracle worker in life...Anna Hazare has proved it

But I don't believe in these kind of anshans ;--> I just regained faith in Non Violent Movements. Clearly speaking, ANSHAN’s and DHARNA’s are not the way to follow in this point of time...just imagine what will happen if everybody sits on anshan for their not so worthy it a salary hike, demand for a new state, etc etc...there should be other ways to say ur point... This is 21st century and some things need to be changed to be upfront.
If Anna Hazare would ever form a political party and step into shoes of a contesting candidate---I can surely bet on him. He will emerge out to be a game changer.
Annaji is a celebrity now and 1 thing I noticed during his high voltage fast of 12 odd days---He spoke only and only about Lokpal. I would have respected him more if he urged the followers not to offer Bribes. Mr. Kejriwal was kind enough to make those people pledge for it, But Annaji’s words would have brought more seriousness. Recently, a DIG of Police in Agra made all his subordinates take an oath that they would shun bribes and corrupt practices. Does that mean India is changing.. Certainly Not. To change the system, we have to change ourselves first, Ask ourselves are we corrupt---We need to purify our bloood. Be strong enough to go trough proper channel.. If we attain this--and sustain this--then only we should ask for bodies like LOKPAL.. and they will be effective for sure...


jain2706 said...

Very Nicely Written.... Well Done Puttar.....

Sanjay K Jain said...

Dear Mudit,

Mudit excellent intitiative and writing. It is byond my imagination of your capabilities. Keep-it up. I feeling some how great . I have started feeling that our plant now has matured and started bearing fruits. Keep it up beta. Chacha Sanjay.

Ojasv Jain said...

Amazinf ! Hats off to your writing skills sirjee... And yes Hope is a miracle worker...