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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day in the life of a tea vendor - A Humble learning

Babu.. A Chai wala or say - Tapri wala who stands by his "Thela" in front of the main gate of an IT Conglomerate who starts his business day alongside the hoards of IT professionals hurriyng up to reach their workplace on time, dressed in their best , with fresh mood, --- always aims for 1 thing...A rabble of these technocrats who get to sip 'garam chai' with some hot snacks( the menu varies though). And closes off his SHOP when this army of technical resources leaves for the day - of course giving them the last sip of the day.
Ever wondered what's the similarity between this unlettered guy and the heards of these cultured men..
well both are starting the day at same time
->Working on a project(Different roles althouth)
->Working for money - In some case this vendor earns more than some of the educated people working on the other side of Guard room.
->Loves his family to the same level
->blah...... blah.......... blah.........
Although this man has never entered the campus ever, he knows what goes on inside.. He even make friends among his customers. He has a competition with the Cafeteria contractor inside the huge campus. He is in fact running more profitable business than that contractor who has to discharge a huge sum of money to Company management as tender fee. Buttttt.... Babu don't need to pay a penny to them yet he has a flourishing business with least of the facilities---just some stools ans tables.
Then why the company management does not shoo away him as they are not getting any monetary benefit from Babu??
Well...they can't because his area of work comes out of bounds of their constitution...they cant because they want him to stay..that's why they don't even bother to complain to local authorities.. His tapri is the meeting point for numerous credit card applicants and document collectors...His tapri is the meeting point for friends working in different establishments in the same vicinity... His tapri is the thikana for local labourers... His Tapri is the center-point of that locality...It has become a local LANDMARK now..
What's special with tapri... well. with a very low investment and ZERO publicity he has become a successful businessman. He seldom gets in loss.. Even in the recession hit economy his business works..infact he does better in those days..
But the thing he lacks is smart thinking.. He don't ever thinks to expand his business above a certain threshold.. If he would have thought that---he would have become an entrepreneur. That's the difference. This is where he is lacking. He can arrange the capital and manpower but he don't.
"Kaam kabhi chhota nahi hota..uska banaya jata hai --- usko samjha jata hai".
If he ever ever respects his work and give it a value... he can do wonders with his chai stall..
Ideas comes from experience, practice and little bit of out-of-box thinking. I am sure every one of us develop ideas in our minds.. but do we implement those..????..think why we don't...there can be many reasons....keep thinking...

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K3tan S0lank! said...

nice mudit ;-)...keep going....