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Friday, August 5, 2011

42 years on....Still it the Real Lokpal..??

Way back in 1969 Shanti Bhushan introdces the first version of Much hyped "Jan Lokpal Bill" in the Indian Parliament. From then on, Loksabha had been introduced with this unborn Law 9 times but didn't made it large to give birth to a new law.
In early April, Anna Hazare, a Gandhian right Activist started his fast unto death demanding the passing of bill. India had been witness of these "Amaran Anshans" since Pre-Independence era. Buttt... This is 2011...Technology moves faster than winds...and this time technology carried these winds on its back. I was a totally an incognizant person before I read Anupam Kher's tweet supporting Anna Hazare, quickly my fingers were adjuring the keyboard and eyes were finding their way to the copious information. FB, Twitter, google, rediff, HT, ET-- It was all over the web... So what, evrey news does do..But here the differentiator was Y-word.. this is full of enthusiasm, determination, admiration, energy--- It is The Youth--"We the people".
Everywhere in the nation, Candlelight parades were being organized. Thosands of Brand conscious gulz and guyz were wearing "Anna Hazare" and "Bharat Mata" on their body. Overnight Annaji became a celebrity.
Government had to capitulate and Team Anna---"Men in WHITE" won.
Today, it was tenth time, when Lokpal Bill was being presented in front of those elected representatives, Team Anna was burning the copied of Bill...Do you think it was ethical..???
I think this act of Anna withdrew the faith from some of the supporters...These days, Annaji is going political. In my view he has drifted from the real thing. As we say --"Jab Paisa bolta hai to neeyaten badalti hain". Here he got stardom as Paisa... which took him to the other side.
I am not against Anna or Lokpal Bill, but i do say that we, as the member of Civil Society we contributed to the drafting of bill. Now its the duty of the Parliament to make it a law. Butt..will it happen...last 42 yrs me to to hua nahi.
Its not the thing that Annaji did wrong, he did a great job. But the blame goes to those who were procrastinating this issue from last 42 years...was it justified...NO..then what...Those elected representatives should have the guts to say YES to it. And if we don't send the dependable, rock-steady candidates to that lucrative House, gobs of Anna Hazare will sit at Jantar Mantar, and bills like this will be pending for 442 years or so....

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