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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nokia LUMIA is here - - The smartphone battle Intensifies !!!

After a long wait, finally it has arrived. Yes we are talking about “LUMIA”. For those who are not aware, it’s a new family of Smart phone from Nokia.

Nokia has finally unveiled “Lumia 800” and “Lumia 710” – first couple of gadgets from its kitty, which are developed in partnership with Microsoft. After losing the smartphone market share to Samsung, Nokia is now pushing it hard to lead the market once again. The two siblings are supposed to arrive in India by mid of December 2011.

Both the phones are touchscreen devices which run on Windows Phone 7.5 – Mango Operating System. This is the first of a kind relationship between Finnish Cell Guru and software big daddy Microsoft. Nokia has been facing a tough competition from Apple and Samsung in the smartphone segment; and this move is being considered to be a game changer as Nokia is surely planning to flood the market with a series of such devices that fit the needs and pocket of all sorts of consumers.

Nokia is leveraging its partnership with Microsoft to use Windows OS in its phones thereby sending its revolutionary Symbian OS to Retirement Home. Nokia is also developing several apps for such kind of gadgets which will strengthen its product capabilities.

“Lumia 800” is a high-end phone with 8 MP camera and 16GB internal Memory with 512 MB RAM while  “Lumia 710” comes with 5MP camera and 8GB memory with same RAM.  Both devices are speculated to be priced at `29,000 and `19,000.

In a bid to capture the highly lucrative Indian Market, Nokia India is on its way to spend large chunks of money to place these new born babies in the market. What is termed to be one the biggest consumer launch in the country, more than 5000 Nokia outlets will be given a huge makeover with dedicated sales support team specially trained to man the counters.

Fall December, it’ll be interesting to watch whether Nokia will  regain its lost pie of the cake or it’ll feel like a dwarf in front of established Android and iOS players.

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