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Friday, January 27, 2012

Do we really mean our Country...???

62 years on…. We are the largest democratic body on Earth, Sailing through queasy waters of “Independence Ocean”, somehow managing to pass through the tempestuous forces of the rowdy ocean.

People may say that we are living in a country that is built on a strong foundation of brawny constitution which is capable of holding us for years to come. But the question is “Do we really mean the Country we are living in..??”. Certainly Not.!! For outlanders, we are Indians. This is true for us also, but only on papers.

“We Indians are accustomed of addressing our-self as INDIANS, but we don’t have an inner feeling of being an Indian which makes us proud”
In this huge population of 150 crores, we can easily figure out a devotee Hindu, a namazi Muslim, turban clad Sikhs, overpaid film stars, underpaid farmers, politicians togged in their best ivory khadi, corporates, Biharis, Kashmiris, South-Indians, Marathis, etc. Country comes below their community for them; and this makes us brittle as a unit.
Unlike Americans and Britons, we Indian are not a single party; we are a coalition of parties that can dissever comfortably into numerous parties and sub-parties. People don’t value our Tricolor, youngsters will wear American and British flag on their forehead, but opt to stay away from their very own “Tiranga”. When any good happens, we like to celebrate on roads, display our delight, a very few people will have that flag in their hands.
It is said that India has Unity in diversity. This saying needs to be rephrased as “Unity within Diversity”. We are not united as Indians, we are a bunch of united communities and the bunch is tied with an old infirm thread.

We just need to replace that thread with an impregnable cloth woven with strong values of oneness.
“Our’s is a great country” everybody says this, but no one empathize that just saying this is not enough. We need to exhibit an attitude which depicts a real Indian within all of us.
We just need to explore the Indian who is lying somewhere deep inside us, who is not from a community or a party or group; he should be an Indian by both heart and mind.
Once we have these kinds of citizens in our country, then we can majestically say that we are Indians and India is the largest Democracy in the world.


Nipun said...

Hey Mudit, nicely written but I must mention was not very appealed by the idea of Indians not carrying that feeling of oneness and unity. The exhibition might be rare and limited to cricket matches or Anna Movement but when needed Indians come together. And we fight within like each and every country around the world and if we won't do that then there would be nothing to fill the newspapers or nothing to discuss.
I would put it in other words, in a relationship whether it be a wedding or friendship or anything, if everything goes too smooth, the life gets boring, the relationship gets boring so I would say the Unique Value Proposition of being an Indian is the thread of diversity which might look a little not so firm sometimes, but the mere existence of the country and its growth at the global level is a result of that.

ParasGadhavi said...

Good one dude.. Nicely written

Prashant choudhary said...

Yes's truth ...good analysis and well written

jain2706 said...

Hey Mudit.. Hats off to you man...!!!
Nicely written and most importantly the combination of words is truly awesome.. The article is really creating a sense of humanity... Keep it up and I hope most of the people will learn something from it and will implement the changes... :-)

pooja malik said...

hey mudit....perfectly written ....hope ur message teach something to the people and they try to change them self.....good going....keep it up....:)