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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GREEN - how it came to us

Green is the symbol of growth; an indication of continuity; it communicates hope, improvement and safety; Green is also associated with fertility and regeneration. It describes plants and oceans, also describes someone who is inexperienced or gullible. Several minerals like emerald also exhibit green color.
In our daily engagements, we are accustomed of witnessing green as positive symbol, but we seldom think why the color has got so much importance in every aspect of life. Some of us may infer that it has been accepted as a standard color globally. Some may ask why only green, why we can’t use blue or red or brown or yellow……

This is a logical world and all the entities in this ecosystem have a reason behind their existence. Green is related to old English verb growan, “to grow”. It is engulfed by a unique aura carrying a lot of positive energy. Contrary to red which gives a sense of danger, it delivers a fearless feeling of moving ahead. The most common associations with green are found in its ties with nature. In many folklores and literatures, green has been used to symbolize life. In Ancient Egypt, as the God Orisis was depicted as green-skinned, green was a symbol of resurrection and immortality.

Green has become a symbol of environmentalism due to its natural association with foliage and sea. This led to green being accepted as a traditional color worn by hunters in 19th century. Little bit of chlorophyll content in our flora led the human society to take green as a principle color in all environment protection and social movements.

Most of us notice a lot of green color in Islam. They always have a green cloth around them. Flag of every Islamic country includes a sense of green. The fact is backed by the logic that Islam expects the paradise to be full of lush greenery.

Green is also associated with wealth and prosperity. As the currency notes in many countries bears a green color, it carries a connotation of money, wealth and capitalism. In United States, “greenback” is used as slang for cash.

Thai people consider this as an auspicious color for those born on a Wednesday. Chinese associate this with east, sunrise, life and growth. Indian women too consider it is auspicious to wear green bangles.

It is also scientifically proven that green is one of the most soothing colors to the human eye. Green is used in majority of aspects of our life. We find this color in natural minerals which are known to emit positive energy, Traffic lights use green to communicate safety to proceed for vehicles, We do prefer to have green curtains in hospital, Toys for children are often green in color, We also like to wear green color.

All that is not by choice, it’s a sheer fact that green is a part of our life since ancient times and the choice for this color comes to us naturally. Somewhere in our thoughts, we carry a green flavor which gives us energy to move forward and keep the momentum in right direction.

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