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Sunday, March 4, 2012

NCTC - An agency to India's good

Rarely it happens that a bunch of state governments join their hands to come in the way of union government over a critical issue of national security. India's federal system of clear governance sometimes backfires when such issues are raised by insecure state chiefs.

A wise man sitting in the Home Ministry is trying to set-up a much needed counter-terrorism body for the nation, not in his personal interest. And yes, when we are talking about national security, the acting body needs to be strongly inviolable. The much anticipated repelling action from some of the Chief Ministers is a clear sign of their desire to just come into media lights for any baseless demands or reasons.

Chief Ministers say NCTC would infringe on their powers. As NCTC would have the power to arrest any suspect anywhere in India, State Governments wants it to follow the proper channel to arrest. This way - by the  time NCTC officials have all formalities in place, the suspect would have flown. Is that the state governments want???. Moreover, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, it is much clear that any arrested person and article seized will be handed over to the nearest police station without any delay. The police stations are under of the jurisdiction of State Governments. I wonder what gap does state governments see here.

If this law is operationalised, what would not happen is Delay. The need for such a central agency is much supported with the instance that during 26/11, Indian Intellegence agencies had some clues about some illegal activities arising out of Pakistan.State government thought that the Centre is dealing with it, The Centre thought state government is proactively taking this issue. The net result was : information slipped through thecracks and what we saw a large-scale bloodshed in Mumbai.
If NCTC had existed, someone could have been caught, arrested and questioned, and maybe 26/11 might have been foiled. That could have been a tight slap on the face of Pakistan.
The danger is the distortions that creep into the system when it comes to fighting terrorism. India needs an organisation that can analyse intelligence. NCTC will be that organisation that will process information from different agencies via the National Intelligence Grid and will follow this up to its logical conclusion.NCTC is visualised as being run by a standing council that will have representatives of anti-terrorism forces in each state on it. What it will be is a single point of control to coordinate all counter-terrorism moves.

I wonder why these people in power don't even realize the importance and need of such an agency, wonder what's going on in their mind behind this opposition to NCTC. I would rather tag them as Immature Leaders.
This was also not expected out of Narendra Modi's thoughts. Possibly, if there would have been a BJP government in Delhi, his stance could have been different.
We have seen Baba Raamdev and Team Anna raising may eyes on Balck Money and corruption. I would be give them a "LIKE" if they could support this cause too.
What we have a just feeling of optimism that soon we will be having a Indian chapter of National Counter Terrorism Centre.

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