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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Coalition Government - Are we on the right track..!!!

A wise man from Barrackpore Constituency, an MBA from University of Texas and a Pilot out of interest - Dinesh Trivedi, a name that was not so popular before March 14th 2012, the day when he presented one of the most influential Rail Budget in Indian History, suddenly became a Top Story across Indian Media galleries. Thanks to a nominal hike in the passenger fare, a bold step that any Railway minister has taken in the last 9 years. Mr. PM, who also welcomed this bold move, felt lame in front of ugly looking Mamta Banerjee who led the rueful and untimely departure of "Trivedi Express" from Rail Bhawan. Mr. PM was poised by pointless looking Banerjee's threat to pull her support from present coalition.
This unnecessary drama was not yet over when DMK threatened our blue turban " Sardar" that they will pull out of the coalition if "Sardarji" votes against the US sponsored resolution put-in against Sri Lanka in UNHRC. A move which will cost nothing to Mr. Singh, but has already sown the seeds of hatred towards India in the political corridors of Island Nation with whom India used to enjoy healthy relations. This politically influenced decision made India's stand few degrees weaker in the Subcontinent when traditional opponents like Pakistan and China voted in support of Lankan Govt.
"Thanks to this political awkwardness - Internal hiccups were not just enough to derail our growth train, and now our domestic politics influenced our foreign policy too."
We used to gallantly feel proud during our school times when we read - "Indian Democracy is largest democracy in the world". And as we grow, gradually came to know its one of the most complicated and has become inefficient in the present system.
"Dr. Ambedkar would have committed suicide if he was here to witness this public molestation of Indian Constitution"
Coalition government - one of the aspect of Indian Political system - which was once adopted as a middle way to form the government in this dirty multiparty system- has now recoiled on the government's ability to take concrete decisions for its own good. Should we call this a success.??


Nipun said...

Mudit, frustration of the Indian Political system and its dependence on the coalition form of government is very well expressed by you in the above said where does the solution lie????

Mudit Jain said...

Im working on the solution... Will be sharing with u in the forthcoming posts.. :)