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Monday, May 7, 2012

You are in our heart...We still miss you..!!!

Late Sri NC Jain
Its been 4018 days I have been away from those gentle hands which used to hold me while I grip them walking down the streets---"Jaijinendra"..."Ram Ram"..."Aadaab arz hai'...He was politely responding to the greetings of every passerby. I still feel like that 11 year kid who loved to accompany his "Babaji" wherever he goes. My grandfather, Mr. N.C. Jain was a Man of Honor.

I still feels nostalgic whenever I savour papdi-chat or lassi. I remember both of us skipping meals to these local delicacies which in-turn gave us enough energy to face angry faced grandma ("Badi-Mummy"). I miss those "White Reveris" he used to get specially for me; I miss sitting besides him at the shop, I miss him a lot in my life today.........What I don't miss are his they are still alive in our family.

His modesty has been a source of inspiration for every member in our family. Today, our Home is standing on four pillars - His Values, Teachings, Dedication and Calmness; with Hard-Work and Devotion providing a rock-solid foundation. But we are left without a strong roof - The Man himself. 
On 6th May 2001, when that great soul started its journey to heaven, we all were deprived of the roof for our home. Bound by the four pillars and a solid foundation, although we were able to get a materialistic roof to cover us, the present roof can't match the qualities of that great human being who must be busy strengthening the values of his heaven-mates. Its been 11 years we are living without him, however I still feels his Aura in every corner of our home. Unfortunately, I haven't met a person like him in these 11 years.
"People say we have god in our heart---For me that God is my grandfather."
A couple of times I've met him in my dreams---those were not the meetings with my Babaji, those were the "Darshan" of the God who lies in my heart.

His sacrifice for well-being of the family and contribution towards society is immeasurable. He was always ready to help--whoever the person was..However tensed the situation, his calmness worked wonders for everyone. His attitude towards life was impeccable.
I want to be like him ...however hard I try, I know I won't be able to match his qualities. But I would be on cloud 9 even if I am able to become 10% of him.

With mixed feelings of grief and ecstasy of being your grandson, with my moist eyes, I make a commitment to being a good human being and never let your name down with my deeds. You may not be with us physically, but you will forever be with us in our hearts---for the generations to come.

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Unknown said...

i make the same commitment and will try to entirely fulfill it!